Child Care for special needs Cost and Financing?

Answer There is not enough information in the question to directly answer it. If the question meant to say "Can two people with RH+ and RH- blood type have children?" the answer is twofold... If the mot... Read More »

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What special care do children with Down syndrome need in a child-care setting?

What if the child has special needs and father has no experience taking care of the child what can happen?

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How to made your child care a learning emvironment for a special needs child?

Find and cultivate common interests if possible. Do not provoke nor antagonize them, and avoid situations in which they might tend to harass you. Do not let yourself be taken advantage of by bei... Read More »

What is the weekly rate for special needs child care?

If their family relationships are bad that may cause them to feel unloved or to have low self-esteem causing them to do many things to make them fit in with people at school. They also may do thing... Read More »