Child Bereavement Support Groups?

Answer You and your child had a family member or loved one die recently. You want your child to get help working though this deep pain. Many communities offer support groups for children dealing with gr... Read More »

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Child Death Support Groups?

The loss of a child is devastating. Nothing you can do will take the pain of the loss away. There are, however, support groups that can assist in the healing process by helping you through the bere... Read More »

Are there any support groups for parents who are struggling with a Twilight crazed child?

Your daughter is six and can read well enough to read Twilight? You should be very proud of yourself. You've got a bright kid on your hands.

I was just wondering if such a thing exists support groups for mothers who had put their child up for adoption?… These are a few of the good ones that will respect you and recognize your pain. if the agency did... Read More »

How to Lead a Bereavement Support Group?

When leading a bereavement support group, it's important to allow the members to grieve at their own paces because everyone grieves differently, and for some it may take longer than others. Also do... Read More »