Chicken and a few cans of kidney beans - what should I make?

Answer Take one cup of rice and toss it into a skillet over medium heat with a spot of butter. Add to this one full tomato, diced. Saute until the rice begins to brown. Add 2 cups of water and bring it to... Read More »

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How much cooked beans does one pound of dried kidney beans make?

Cooking 1 lb. of dry kidney beans delivers approximately 5 to 6 cups of beans. The most efficient method of cooking kidney beans is to soak them overnight in a bowl of water and cook the next day f... Read More »

What is the difference between red beans and kidney beans?

When people talk about red beans, they often mean kidney beans. There are some other red legumes out there, but kidney beans are most commonly used in dishes such as red beans and rice.Red BeansTh... Read More »

Are white kidney beans the same as navy beans?

White kidney beans are not the same as navy beans. A navy bean, another name for a Yankee bean, has a round shape rather than a kidney shape. The white kidney bean is another name for cannellini a... Read More »

Are red beans&kidney beans the same thing?

Although red beans and kidney beans look similar, they are not the same. Red beans are smaller than kidney beans, and the skin of the bean is smoother. The beans taste slightly different as well.So... Read More »