Chicken Tagine & Prunes?

Answer Tagine, a type of meat stew, is the national dish of Morocco, a country in the north of Africa. Chicken and prune tagine is one of the classic Moroccan tagine combinations. The method of combining ... Read More »

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How do I use a tagine?

Preparing the TagineClean the tagine properly and season it before first use. Soak the base and lid of a clay tagine for up to 24 hours, then rub olive oil on the inside of each piece. Heat the tag... Read More »

How to Use a Tagine Dish?

The Moroccan tagine refers to both a type of stew and the dish it is cooked in. Made of terra-cotta, a traditional tagine dish consists of two parts, the base and the cone-shaped lid that fits over... Read More »

How do I Bake Bread in a Tagine?

Prepare moist and flavorful bread using a clay or terra-cotta tagine. Tagine refers to both a lidded cooking vessel with a conical lid and a Northern Africa stew cooked in that dish, according to R... Read More »

I just ate 51 prunes?

Have fun with diarrhea! Just cut back on the prunes next time ;) Prunes will sure clean you out though!