Chewing from Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Answer You just start eating on them as and when it feels right. Start with simple and easy stuff like scrambled eggs and some bread and just chew.Anything soft will do but keep away from crispy or bitty ... Read More »

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What is the surgery like for removal of extra impacted wisdom teeth behind wisdom teeth that are already present?

It is very unusual to have two sets of wisdom teeth - are you sure? Removal is only required if problems occur and the teeth do not erupt normally. After surgery, there is commonly pain, swelling, ... Read More »

How can you stop the swelling from wisdom teeth removal?

Hi! Been in dentistry over 25 years. Ice packs and rinsing with warm salty water 3-4 times a day. Sleep with another pillow and don't eat anything that is hot, spicy or hard to chew or sticky. T... Read More »

How long does it take for your mouth to heal from removal of wisdom teeth?

What Happens Afterwards - - - What Will I Feel Like?Most of the time you will want to maintain a low profile for a few days. We ask that you follow your post-operative instructions closely as they ... Read More »

Can your wisdom teeth become infected while they are surfacing and if so how can you tell the difference between the pain from wisdom teeth surfacing and infection?

Answer: Clarification: 1.Does the infected wisdom teeth mean the wisdom tooth had a cavity while it was partially erupting and that there was no means for the tooth to be cleaned properly because m... Read More »