Chevy Truck Troubleshooting Information?

Answer As with all vehicles, Chevy trucks will periodically require maintenance and repair. When troubleshooting the problem with your Chevy, begin with basic observations of the vehicle's maintenance lev... Read More »

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Troubleshooting a 1988 Chevy Truck?

Chevy trucks for the 1988 model year were manufactured with several different engine sizes. They were produced before computer diagnostics; troubleshooting must be conducted without a diagnostic sc... Read More »

Chevy Truck Windshield Wiper Troubleshooting?

The cause of most windshield wiper problems often can be difficult to determine, particularly since the entire wiper system is located underneath the dashboard. Thankfully, the causes of most wiper... Read More »

Troubleshooting the Windshield Wiper Motor for a 1990 Chevy Truck?

The most common problem that causes the windshield wiper motor to fail in a 1990 Chevrolet truck is the wiper motor fuse. Replacing the fuse will usually fix the problem, but if it does not, then y... Read More »

Information for a 1946 Chevy Truck?

The 1946 Chevrolet truck was an interim model pickup carried over from the 1941 and 1942 model years. When the United States entered World War II, civilian vehicle production was halted and all veh... Read More »