Chevy Truck Fan Clutch Removal?

Answer The fan clutch allows the engine cooling fan to spin fast when maximum cooling is required, but "slip" and thus spin more slowly at other times. In this way, the fan clutch can increase fuel effic... Read More »

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How to Bleed a Clutch on a Chevy Truck?

The clutch on a Chevy truck is a hydraulic system that needs to be bled annually to prevent air from building up in the clutch fluid lines. When there is air in the clutch line, you will not be abl... Read More »

How to Remove the Hydraulic Clutch Line on a 2000 Chevy Truck?

The clutch on a 2000 Chevrolet truck equipped with a manual transmission uses a hydraulic line to connect the clutch master cylinder to the transmission. If the hydraulic line suffers a leak, the s... Read More »

Chevy Truck Transmission Removal?

If you need to remove the transmission from your Chevy truck, you can do so with the right equipment and tools. You should also refer to your owner's manual. If you don't have an owners manual you ... Read More »

Chevy Truck Key Tumbler Removal?

Replacing the key tumbler or lock cylinder on your Chevy truck can be a simple process on vehicles that have few components. However, it can be an involved and potentially dangerous job on vehicles... Read More »