Chevy EFI Thermostat Installation?

Answer Recent improvements like electronic fuel injection have allowed Chevy engines to deliver maximum fuel efficiency and power, but these engines generate a great amount of heat. Maintaining an EFI eng... Read More »

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Car Thermostat Installation Instruction?

Thermostats are a key component in any car’s cooling system. The thermostat regulates coolant flow through the engine, hoses and radiator by remaining closed until the engine reaches operating te... Read More »

The Installation of an Auto Thermostat?

Automotive thermostats control the temperature of an engine by regulating the flow of coolant through the radiator. The thermostat resides inside the thermostat housing, sometimes referred to as a ... Read More »

Thermostat Installation in a 1985 MR2?

Like many vehicles, the Toyota MR2 has a water-cooled engine in which the coolant temperature is regulated by a thermostat. Unlike most vehicles, the MR2 has a rear-mounted engine and a radiator at... Read More »

2001 Jetta Thermostat Installation?

The Volkswagen Jetta was one of the first Volkswagen-designed vehicles to have a water-cooled engine. Traditionally, Volkswagen relied on air-cooling to prevent overheating in their rear-mounted en... Read More »