Chevy Avalanche Problems?

Answer Launched in 2001 for the 2002 model year, the Chevrolet Avalanche is a full-size four-door pickup with a short bed that combines the passenger capacity of the SUV with the cargo capability of the p... Read More »

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Avalanche Brake Problems?

Keeping the brakes in your Chevy Avalanche in good condition is absolutely essential--your life depends on it! But even if you do your best to keep your brakes in the best of shape, problems can st... Read More »

How much does a Chevy Avalanche weigh?

The 2010 Chevy Avalanche LS, LT and LTZ models each have a curb weight of 5,599 pounds. The weight of the vehicle can vary depending on any added features and options.References:Chevrolet: 2010 Ava... Read More »

What year did the Chevy Avalanche come out?

The first Chevy Avalanche sports utility truck was released in 2002. It featured passenger and cargo room, storage space and the ability to tow. Chevy's base price for a 2002 Avalanche was $31,215.... Read More »

How to Change the Oil in a Chevy Avalanche?

The Chevy Avalanche is a heavy duty truck that requires more frequent oil changes, if the truck's driving on dusty roads or carrying heavy loads. Luckily, the oil change for a Chevy Avalanche is si... Read More »