Chevy 350 Identification?

Answer Manufactured from 1967 to 1998, the 350 c.i.d. engine became Chevrolet's main eight cylinder small-block after it retired the earlier 283 and 327 engines. Long respected for its performance, reliab... Read More »

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SB Chevy Head Identification?

GM's foundry's have used various casting marks and numbers to signify fairly detailed information about the parts produced for the small block Chevrolet (SBC) engine. These marks are located on cyl... Read More »

Chevy 350 Engine Identification?

A Chevy workhorse for 30 years, the 350-cubic-inch engine was used in production models from 1968 until 1998. The engine, used interchangeably in many models, often presents identification issues t... Read More »

Chevy Six-Cylinder Engine Identification?

Chevrolet's six-cylinder engines are easily identified due to Chevy's efficient engine numbering system. The code is seven to eight digits long, consisting of numbers and letters. The suffix gives ... Read More »

Chevy Intake Manifold Identification?

Designed to channel fuel into the engine, intake manifolds are located under the carburetor, on the top of the engine. Chevrolet intake manifolds all look quite similar and must be identified using... Read More »