Chevrolet Tahoe Brake Pad Replacement Instructions?

Answer The Tahoe is the second largest SUV in the Chevrolet fleet. As such, the Tahoe has larger than average brake pads. These pads work hard to bring the 2-1/2-ton Tahoe to a halt every time you step on... Read More »

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1999 Chevy Tahoe Idler Pulley Replacement Instructions?

All models of the 1999 Chevy Tahoe were offered with a 5.7-liter V-8 engine and an automatic transmission. All of the accessories attached to the 5.7-liter are driven by the crankshaft pulley with... Read More »

Chevrolet Fuel Filter Replacement Instructions?

The fuel filter on a Chevrolet vehicle can be found in one of two places: on the frame or integrated with the fuel pump. If the fuel filter is frame-mounted, replacement is quick and easy and will ... Read More »

Chevrolet Impala Headlight Wiring Harness Replacement Instructions?

If a headlight on your Chevrolet Impala is not functioning, you may need to replace the wiring harness. The wiring harness powers the headlight and plugs into the rear of the headlight assembly. If... Read More »

Disc Brake Replacement Instructions?

The disc brake assembly is one of the most important safety systems on your vehicle. Disc rotors, calipers and pads should be replaced when worn out or broken. Worn caliper pistons may leak. Disc r... Read More »