Chest pains in my lower abdominal area?

Answer Any other symptoms (cold/clamy sweats, dizziness, jaw pain, arm or leg numbness,shortness of breath, etc) What was the pain like? (Crushing like someone sitting on your chest, stabbing, burning) l... Read More »

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Lower abdominal pains and lower back cramping - signs of early pregnancy?

What causes lower back pain and lower abdominal pain across whole lower back whole lower abdominal area but worse on the right side of both?

Are brown spotting and lower abdominal pains common during early pregnancy?

Answer Yes most of the time it is your uterus getting in place to carry your baby.If the pain is sever or the spotting is heavy contact your ob/gyn.

My wife is suffering from severe abdominal pains in the lower left hand side of her body...what is this?

If it is severe then you should take her to the hospital where it can be diagnosed properly...;