Chest and back pain ! ?

Answer ask someone to massage your back while you take a nap or rest

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Center Back & Chest Pain?

Many conditions can lead to chest and back pain, including a rare condition called an aortic dissecting aneurysm, which will result in chest pain as well as pain in your back. If you are experienci... Read More »

Should I be worried about Left Nipple Pain and Pain In The Back Of Left Chest?

if you are that concerned talk to your parents and tell them. if it was only a quick thing it might just be muscle cramp. had you just eaten? your stomach is on your left side as well. might have e... Read More »

Has anyone had pain in the back between the shoulders during a heart attack, instead of chest pains?

Among the many understood symptoms of cardiac disease like angina or AMI , the pain is typically in the back. Such is the case with pain in jaws.Please consult your doctor.

I have pain in my breast, chest, upper back & neck but scared to go to to doctor and find out its cancer?

so sit there and die then, stop wasting everyone's time