Chest Hinge Types?

Answer While it's easy to understand what a hinge does, choosing and installing one on a chest is a different matter. A variety of basic hinge types are well-adapted for lid to box applications, such as h... Read More »

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Types of Hinge Bearings?

Hinges allow doors and gates to swing within a predefined area. The weight and use of the hinge determines the best hinge and bearing to use with the door and range from standard weights to industr... Read More »

Types of Hinge Joints?

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a hinge is defined as a "jointed or flexible device on which a door, lid or other swinging part turns." When you combine that with the meaning for joint... Read More »

Why does the middle of my chest hurt when I do chest exercises?

I had this last night actually, I believe Its because you may have over worked yourself. Just sit down, drink some water and relax. It will go away. If you don't exercise often and you're body isn'... Read More »

Ladies: Do prefer a guy with a hairy chest or a smooth chest?

when i was a teenager, the chest had to be smooth, but something changed when i reached my 20's. all the men i dated had hairy chests, now i love it. to me it seems more manly. its also nice to rub... Read More »