Cherry popped, what does that mean?

Answer It does mean losing your virginity. You were right. It's literally referring to the breaking of the hymen, the small piece of skin over the vaginal opening although, in active girls, this is very o... Read More »

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What does it mean to get your cherry popped?

for a girl to loose her virginity. don't ask me why, but when a girl gets her hymen ripped (or "popped") and it bleeds some clever weirdo came up with the term popping the cherry.

Getting your cherry popped?

It is a VERY inaccurate way of referring to the hymen. A hymen is a thin piece of skin that partially covers the vaginal opening (some girls will tell you it's "deep inside your vagina"- this is W... Read More »

When you have your "cherry popped" are you supposed to bleed and have like bloody sack things come out too..?

Nothing is wrong. It might be your period because when your on your period the lining of your uterus comes out it clumps. It's perfectly normal. And bleeding after "popping your cherry" is normal b... Read More »

What kind of cherry flavoring to use to make cherry cola?

You can buy Grenadine at any grocery store and in smaller bottles. It's a good and inexpensive way to make Cherry Coke. It won't be listed as Cherry Grenadine, just Grenadine. Incidentally, Gren... Read More »