Cherry Trees for Northern Minnesota?

Answer Northern Minnesota, which falls within USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 3, presents special challenges for fruit growers. The late frosts and extreme cold of this zone call for hardy trees. Although sweet... Read More »

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Cross Pollination of Wild Cherry Trees & Bing Cherry Trees?

Wild---or sweet---cherry (Prunus avium) and tart cherry ( Prunus cesarus) trees are the world's main cherry species. While they cannot pollinate each other, tree varieties within each species cross... Read More »

Does zoysia grow well in northern minnesota?

As a warm-season grass, Zoysia does not adapt well to the cool temperatures of northern Minnesota. Zoysia grass produces a patchy lawn that does not green up until the end of May and turns brown at... Read More »

Community Colleges in Northern Minnesota?

There are 25 two-year colleges in Minnesota and they are organized with seven state universities to form the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. There are seven of those schools in th... Read More »

The Best Tomato Plants in Northern Minnesota?

From the Red River to the Arrowhead, northern counties in Minnesota have a brief summer growing season to produce tomatoes. It is important to choose short-season varieties of tomatoes since the la... Read More »