Chemotherapy or going natural cure?

Answer I was diagnosed with liver cancer, I immediate went on a cancer diet, and alternative treatments to name a few, strengthening my immune system, cleansing my digestive system and blood, alkalizing, ... Read More »

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What are the natural cure for hypothyroidism?

1. Just say no to the dietary bungee cord. Greatly reduce or eliminate caffeine and sugar, including refined carbohydrates like flour, which the body treats like sugar. Make grain-based carbohydrat... Read More »

What is the best natural cure for a headache?

That dull ache in the back of your head may be a nagging sign of too much stress. How can you tame the tension and find relief? According to research or other evidence, the following self-care step... Read More »

Best natural way to cure a cold?

Don't take those cold medicines, it will only you do you more harm than good. The best way to cure a cold is take natural remedies like ginger and honey. But there is a proper way of preparing this... Read More »

What is a natural cure for bad breath?