Chemistry Teacher Activities in the Kitchen?

Answer To help students grasp scientific concepts, relevance is key. Bringing a difficult subject like chemistry into the kitchen can help students see the relevance of chemistry concepts to their daily l... Read More »

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How to Become a Chemistry Teacher?

The science of chemistry covers the composition and behavior of matter in its solid, liquid, and gaseous states and how it reacts with other matter. Chemistry teachers help future scientists, engin... Read More »

Requirements for Becoming a Chemistry Teacher?

Chemistry teacher responsibilities include designing lesson plans, preparing and giving lectures, creating laboratory projects for students, evaluating students' performance, keeping records, meeti... Read More »

What is required to be a chemistry teacher?

Teaching chemistry involves diligence and hard work, despite the modest pay. Still, for many educators, the reward of seeing students enthusiastically view various aspects of the world with a chemi... Read More »

How much does a chemistry teacher make?

The salary for a chemistry teacher depends on years of experience, location and the type of school. As of May 2010, according to, the average annual salary for a chemistry teacher rang... Read More »