Chemicals in Pig Manure?

Answer Like humans, pigs are monogastric animals, meaning they have a single-chambered stomach. This is in contrast to ruminants, including cows, which chew on their cud. Pig farms generate a substantial ... Read More »

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Difference between farmyard manure and compost manure?

Manure is manure is manure. Humanure, cow manure, horse manure, it's all poo. Compost manure is just manure that's been composted (left to rot and break down). Most manure starts off hot, literall... Read More »

Pool Chemicals Vs. Spa Chemicals?

Pools and spas have many of the same needs that have to be met in order to keep them clear and safe for swimmers. The main difference is a matter of temperature and size, with each of those element... Read More »

What is in cow manure?

Cow manure mainly consists of hay, pasture grasses, silage (fermented grasses, corn or alfalfa) and water. Small amounts of bacteria, which comes from the cow's stomach when food is being digested,... Read More »

How much manure does one cow produce?

The average1,400 pound Holstein dairy cow consumes 100 lbs. of food and 50 gallons of water each day and produces about 115 lbs. of manure every day. This comes out to more than 14,000 lbs. or alm... Read More »