Chemicals for Pool Maintenance?

Answer Swimming pools require a lot of work to maintain. Nature likes to take up residence almost anywhere, including in stagnant bodies of water. Also, various natural forces tend to make a swimming pool... Read More »

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What should you do if you live in Florida and have an unscreened pool and there are minute reddish insects on the surface that bite and your pool man increased the chemicals but it did nothing?

Answer Those darn pests, Is what they are able to do is cruise the water surface without breaking through, We have a product called bug out which prohibits the bugs from walking on the surface, In ... Read More »

Pool question about in ground pool and adding chemicals?

liquid disperses evenly while pumped; I use tabs in a floating basket, which dissolve slowly.Most shock comes in liquid, I would not use powdered shock as it could bleach the color of the liner.wha... Read More »

Pool Chemicals Vs. Spa Chemicals?

Pools and spas have many of the same needs that have to be met in order to keep them clear and safe for swimmers. The main difference is a matter of temperature and size, with each of those element... Read More »

What chemicals should I put in my pool?

Correctly balancing the chemicals is one of the hardest tasks for any pool owner. Pool chemicals are harsh and toxic, yet are absolutely essential. Pool chemicals perform a variety of functions, in... Read More »