Chemical burn from nair!! help!?

Answer Like any other burn, maybe a week

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How to Treat a Burn From Nair?

Nair uses chemicals to destroy the proteins in hair, essentially dissolving hair right off the body. However, some people find out too late that they are too sensitive to these chemicals. They de... Read More »

OMG, 2nd degree chemical burn on my hoo haa. Please help?

this is so moved me to tears! i wish my boyfriend would do something like this for me! if i wasn't gay, i would stalk you and email you incessantly!

What chemical can i put in my pressure washer to help strip paint from furniture?

How to Get Rid of a Rash from Nair?

Nair gets your skin really smooth, but it can also give you a rash. Here's what to do when you get those rashes.