Chemical Tattoo Removal?

Answer The use of lasers is the most well known method for removing tattoos you no longer want. Laser removal, however, is effective but also causes hypopigmentation (permanent fading of the skin color an... Read More »

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Chemical Peel Tattoo Removal?

People have various reasons for getting a tattoo. Those reasons might change over time, making a tattoo less desirable later in life, and there are various types of chemical peels that can be used ... Read More »

My Chemical Romance tattoo ideas?

Even tho i hate MCR with a passion,I'm all for band tattoos and long its not just the name or just because you like the band.. I have album art from the band Tool,But it has a deep meaning besides ... Read More »

Tattoo Removal?

There are all kinds of motivations behind tattoo removal. Often, people get tattoos in their youth and find them less attractive and less appropriate as they age. estimates that 10 percen... Read More »

Hydroquinone for Tattoo Removal?

Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching agent and is used as the active ingredient in creams to fade unwanted tattoos. It also is used to fade liver spots, moles, freckles and any other darker spots on th... Read More »