Chef Boyardee Or SpaghettiO's Which do you like better?

Answer the chef is the best...especially if you add some garlic, basil....and some shredded mozzerella

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Is there really a Chef Boyardee?

Chef Boyardee was indeed a real person. Hector Boiardi was born in Italy in 1898. He worked in restaurants when he was young and finally immigrated to America and came to New York at age 17. He ope... Read More »

When did Conagra purchase Chef Boyardee?

ConAgra acquired the Chef Boyardee line of prepared foods in 2000. In June 2000, ConAgra announced a deal to buy International Home Foods for about $1.6 billion in cash and stock. The deal included... Read More »

Why did they discontinue chili Chef Boyardee?

Did they? I just bought some a couple weeks ago'

Chef boyardee ravioli is it made of emu crotch or beaver ball jumbalya?

Ugh! EW! thats disgusting! I mean beaver balls?! seriously?! How immiture do you have to be to believe that?! EVERYONE knows that its made out of emu crotch! The ingredients of chef boyardee raviol... Read More »