Cheers! Round of Cyber drinks for everyone!! [please open]?

Answer pepsi!!! yay to you, its nice to hear about someone elses happiness! you just made me happy! lolCHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm getting a round of drinks in for the whole of Yahoo Answers. What's everyone having?

Can some of the anti-adoption people explain this please Open to everyone?

Hi Snickette,Its true in many ways what you've said in the details of your question. No one person handles trauma the same. Nor does everyone suffer from it in every situation simply because anothe... Read More »

Why "Cheers" go only with liquor not with beverages like cool drinks,coffee,tea etc?

The liquor gives cheers only to those who drink, not to their family and their loved ones. So they say "cheers" while they drink. But this is not in the case of cool drinks, coffee and tea. As ... Read More »

OK it` my round, i`m going to the bar what`s everyone having?

Mines a pint of cool Guiness since your asking. Thanks