Checklist for a Classroom Management and Student Discipline Plan?

Answer Managing a classroom effectively requires the establishment of a clear behavior management system. By crafting a strong and multifaceted system, you make it clear to students what is expected of th... Read More »

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How to Manage Student's Discipline in the Classroom?

Establishing rules, creating procedures and using a point system can help you manage your class. Students will respect you when they know your expectations and the penalties for breaking your rules... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Classroom Management & Discipline?

A key component of teaching is effective classroom management. This is the set of steps you follow to ensure that your students pay attention, don't distract each other and generally stay on task. ... Read More »

Tips on Classroom Discipline & Management?

To successfully teach in a classroom setting, the teacher must maintain discipline and manage both time and students. The goal of a good manager and disciplinarian is to guide the students toward s... Read More »

Theories on Classroom Discipline & Management?

Next to the curriculum she teaches, a teacher's biggest concern is controlling student behavior. Teachers can sometimes lose too much instructional time dealing with the bad behavior of a few stude... Read More »