Checking my computer?

Answer You can use software like CensorNet's Desktop Surveillance:…It isn't free (as you'd imagine), although there is a 30-day trial available. Also, if this is ... Read More »

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Does checking the interface holds equal importance as checking the applications while buying a smart TV?

Of course. The interfaces are the connection to other devices and players. Ensuring you have the correct links to other equipment is as important as checking applications. In fact, smart TV applica... Read More »

Do local banks usually let saving/checking acct-holders close the savings acct while keeping the checking acct?

My bank allowed it. I'm sure it happens all the time.

How to Use Second Chance Checking?

Chex Systems Inc. is a consumer credit reporting service that notifies subscribing banks and credit unions when an account applicant has a history of mismanagement. Customers are reported to Chex S... Read More »

What is a checking account?

Checking accounts allow consumers to make purchases with checks and debit cards instead of cash. Many banks offer several different types of checking accounts. The type you choose depends on your n... Read More »