"Check signal" on monitor?

Answer Without model numbers of computer and video card or MB video and the monitor, and the monitor, it is pointless to guess.

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"Check Signal Cable" on Monitor.?

If it isn't the monitor, test using the on-board graphics (take out the video card to test this). See if the GPU is getting no power for some odd reason. If that isn't the case, try another cable. ... Read More »

How to Check That a PC & Signal Cable Monitor Is Working?

Usually, computer towers connect to a monitor through a single cable. This is either through a VGA (Video Graphics Array) or DVI (Digital Visual Interface) connection. Although the cables look simi... Read More »

Why is my monitor for my emachine no longer working it says no signal. i tried another monitor still nothing?

If you have tried two monitors and no signal then your video card has stopped working. you need to replace it.

No signal on my pc monitor?

That could be a lot of things. Is your TV the monitor or is it a separate monitor? If you have a flat panel TV hook your computer up to that. That will at least tell you if it's the computer or the... Read More »