Check Out Procedures for an Automobile Battery?

Answer You hopped into your car this morning, turned the ignition key, but nothing happened. You tried again. Nothing. Your battery is dead. Now what. There are several tests you can perform to check for ... Read More »

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Automobile Storage Procedures?

You may choose to store a vehicle for various reasons, including winter or harsh weather conditions, temporary move to another location, military deployment or you lack of space for it at your home... Read More »

Automobile Paint Scratch Repair Procedures?

Repairing a paint scratch on your automobile seems like a daunting task, but it is a relatively simple process. Many times, what appears to be a scratch in the paint of your car is really just a su... Read More »

How to Care for an Automobile Battery?

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with these tips on how to care for an automobile battery. You'll learn how to keep your battery terminals clean. You'll learn how to check a battery's strength. A... Read More »

What is inside an automobile battery?

Although today's car batteries are made with modern materials, the basic technology dates back to the mid-1800s. A chemical reaction between lead and sulfuric acid makes the electricity that starts... Read More »