Cheats for world war on the ipod touch?

Answer I found this out and it works. Buy 3 mini gunners, wait 1 hour, sell 2 of them, add the code 7YQG9R, it's the code Storm8 used to test the game, press the home key, wait another hour, open up the w... Read More »

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Are there any cheats on the iPhone or ipod touch for world war?

Adding CGPG4T gives you 1000 new allies, It is a glitch in the game, that code is the code for one of the creaters of world wars - he also sends out other hacks and tricks and tips to all his allie... Read More »

Are the cheats for iMobsters on ipod touch?

ya there is its GUYFWF it gives you 100 godfather points There are no cheats in iMobsters, but you can maximize your game play by using an ROI calculator, keeping your mob members at the optimal nu... Read More »

Are there cheats for doodle army 2 on ipod touch?

Yes there is: gummy bear, duke, and tootsie pop. Gummy bear: 7,000 battle points Duke:full rank Tootsie pop: no reloading (infinity ammo)

Is there any cheats for racing live on ipod touch?

Yes people always say that there are no cheats for that game there is 1 of them gives u 1 million dollars, 1000 gas, 100 integrity or 50 pp points ( prestige points) just go to Recruit and than inv... Read More »