Cheats for the Spice Racks in "Cafe World"?

Answer During "Cafe World's" first week, this Facebook-based game attracted more than 8 million users. With the addition of the spice rack, players can use different spices to manipulate their dishes. Eac... Read More »

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Where did the idea for spice racks come from?

How to Arrange the Cafe in Cafe World?

"Cafe World," from the creators of "FarmVille" and "Facebook Poker," allows players to take charge of their own restaurants and manage everything from the food served to the layout of the furniture... Read More »

How to Get a Larger Cafe in "Cafe World"?

"Cafe World" is a Facebook application created by Zynga. In this strategy game, you must build and manage your own restaurant as head chef. You are given a kitchen with basic appliances and must co... Read More »

How to Delete "Cafe World"?

The online social media Website, Facebook, connects you to your friends and family for social updates and interaction. Games require you to interact with your friends to complete accomplishments, l... Read More »