Cheats for the Action Replay DS to Get Darkrai in "Pokemon Diamond"?

Answer "Pokémon Diamond" for Nintendo DS features the legendary Dark-type Pokémon, Darkrai. Without codes, catching Darkrai is impossible. Doing so required a special "Nintendo Event" where they release... Read More »

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How to Use Action Replay Cheats in Pokemon Fire Red?

If you're having a difficult time winning battles in "Pokemon Fire Red Version," for the Game Boy Advance, there are plenty of cheats to try provided you have a compatible Action Replay device. Act... Read More »

How to Use Action Replay in DS Pokemon Diamond?

“Pokemon: Diamond” along with its alternate version, “Pokemon: Pearl,” was the first game in the Pokemon series to be released on the Nintendo DS. Similar to older games in the series, “P... Read More »

How to Activate Super Exp Gain on "Pokemon Diamond" With the Action Replay?

In "Pokemon Diamond," leveling up your team of Pokemon can take a very long time. As Pokemon steadily get stronger, they take longer to reach higher levels. To get a Pokemon to level 100, for insta... Read More »

How to Catch Darkrai Using Action Replay?

Have you ever wanted the legendary Pokemon Darkrai? Then you are in the right place! Follow these simple instructions and you will catch Darkrai easily!