Cheats for Zero on Mega Man X4?

Answer "Mega Man X4" is a platform shooter developed by Capcom and released for the Sony PlayStation in 1997. You can play as Zero in "Mega Man X4." Use cheats to boost Zero's armor, weapons and health.

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Gameshark Cheats for Mega Man Zero 2?

"Mega Man Zero 2" debuted on the GameBoy Advance handheld system in 2003. You can use a GameShark with this platform shooter to help Zero take out the Neo Arcadia police force.

Cheats for Mega Man 8 Anniversary Collection for the XBox?

Mega Man: Anniversary Collection for the Microsoft Xbox collects the first eight Mega Man games for the 15th anniversary of the blue bomber's first NES game. Players can use some cheat codes and gl... Read More »

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