Cheats for "Tom & Jerry: War of the Whiskers" for PlayStation 2?

Answer The "Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers" video game was released for the PlayStation 2 by ELSPA in March 2003. The game is based on the characters of the Warner Brothers cartoon series. Game play... Read More »

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Can you use a regular controller to enter cheats on Playstation 2 for Guitar Hero 2?

You can use the regular (Dual-Shock) Playstation controller to enter the cheat codes for Guitar Hero 2 on Playstation 2. On the controller, "R2" corresponds to the green button, "R1" to the red bu... Read More »

Can I play Dr. Muto for PlayStation 2 on the PlayStation 3 console?

The only Playstation 3 systems which support backwards compatibility are the 20 GB, the 60 GB and the 80 GB, which came out in August 2007. Most Playstation 2 games will play, though some may run w... Read More »

Is it possible to play PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 3 console?

Only three models of the PlayStation 3 console support backwards compatibility. Compatible models include the 80GB model number CECHE01, the 60GB model number CECHA01, and the 20GB model number CEC... Read More »

Will a 20GB Playstation 3 play Playstation 2 games?

Yes, 20GB Playstation 3 systems will play Playstation 2 games. The 60GB and the 2007 80GB PS3 (with the CECHE01 model number) are the only other backwards-compatible Playstation 3 systems as of Jul... Read More »