Cheats for "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08" for PC?

Answer "Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08" doesn't have many cheats. The few available options must be entered at the main menu. Choose "Options" and select "Password" then enter the specific passwords.

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How to Transfer Saved Files for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08?

"Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08" lets you play a simulated golf game on virtually every home and hand-held videogame console, from the Nintendo Wii to the PlayStation Portable. You can play as over a doze... Read More »

Is there a money patch for iPhone 3G Tiger Woods PGA Tour?

NO! It should be a lot cheaper, 420 euro is more than $840 in United States money, you can definitely get an iPhone 3g for less than 840 dollars!

Can I buy the hat that Tiger Woods wears?

You can buy the same Flex-Fit hat Tiger Woods wears when he golfs. Tiger's official hats are made by Nike and may be be purchased online through Nike directly or from many retailers.References:Nike... Read More »

What does the"VR"stand for on Tiger Woods'hat?

The "VR" on Tiger's golf hat stands for Victory Red. Victory Red, or VR, is Nike's line of golf drivers and irons. Nike is a big sponsor of Tiger, who carries many VR clubs in his bag.Source:Nike Golf