Cheating a server to think a fan is connected?

Answer Fanz Connector is on The Mother BoardThe Connector Looks Like Processor Fanz Connector. So Find The Same Connectors and Remove that fan from board.i prefer u dont remove that fan because pictures s... Read More »

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How many systems are connected with windows server?

More than 30 systems are connected with windows server

What is it called when a computer is connected to a server?

When a computer is connected to a server, such as a Web server, this is known as client server architecture. One program running on the local computer, or client, makes a request for a service and ... Read More »

How to Find What Switch Port a Server Is Connected To?

A switch is a device on a network that handles all traffic and designates where data is supposed to go. This is accomplished by the switch "looking into" the data packet and reading who is supposed... Read More »

Two different networks can be connected through a : gateway or server or node?

IMO... you should always join different subnets/networks using routers.GATEWAY: Is technically a service point (such as a router) usually used to handle incoming and outgoing traffic to a given ne... Read More »