Cheapest wireless printer with cheap ink?

Answer Laser printers almost always are much cheaper to use than inkjets. I just purchased a HL- 2270-DW, it is wireless, or Ethernet cable, & full duplex. The duplex will save money on paper, so that wa... Read More »

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Cheap wireless printer?

£49.99 and wireless.…Cheap and ink don't belong in the same sentence! We're all stung on ink no matter what printer we have! This one is not a bad price e... Read More »

Where can I buy a cheap wireless printer?

Amazon has a lot of good deals, here's a link for wireless printers…

Cheap to buy/ cheap to run printer for graphic design student?

you want something cheap to buy AND cheap to run AND good quality? so where is the company supposed to make money? They'll either do it on the printer or the ink. Since you buy the ink over and ove... Read More »

Cheap printer with cheap cartridgesim paying too much for ink?

Unfortunately that's how printing companies catch you these days, making their printer prices unusually cheap and reeling it in with the cartridges.Your best bet is to buy a cheap printer and one o... Read More »