Cheapest Way to Get More Horsepower Out of My WRX?

Answer It's no stretch to say that Subaru's first generation (1992-2000) Impreza WRX played a dominant role in creating the import/compact car performance scene as we know it today. Like many budget racer... Read More »

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Crankshaft Horsepower vs. Wheel Horsepower?

The term horsepower refers to the work power produced by cars or equipment. Car enthusiasts and manufacturers have two ways of measuring horsepower, at the wheel or at the crankshaft. Each method w... Read More »

How much horsepower does a ktm 300 have?

KTM never releases the power measurements on its motorcycles. The only way to measure the HP of a KTM motorcycle is to take it to a dyno and test it. Based on the displacement of the engine and the... Read More »

How to Add Horsepower to Your Car?

When you are trying to get more horsepower out of your engine there is one key thing to remember. More air = More power. Your engine takes in air and fuel (Either gasoline or diesel) then uses a fi... Read More »

About Horsepower?

Most of us have heard the term Horsepower, but do any of us know the meaning of the word or the measurement? You probably remember it from physics or math class, but what is the origin of the term?