Cheaper concrete pool or fiberglass?

Answer Concrete Pools have the highest cost of ownership. This is because the surface of a concrete pool is very porous, it harbors algae and this means two things to concrete pool owners: more chemical... Read More »

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What are the disadvantages in fiberglass relining of fiberglass lined concrete swimming pool?

What we are about to show you are the facts about toxic fiberglass products and why Epoxy is becoming so popular today. First of all Polyester and Vinyl ester resins are ½ the strength of epoxy an... Read More »

Is a concrete or fiberglass pool better?

Answer Fiberglass is because concrete will crack Yes I agree also, because we had a concrete pool when I was growing up and we were always repairing leaks, maybe the pool was just bad, but now that... Read More »

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fiberglass swimming pool lining in a gunite pool?

Answer There are no disadvantages if the pool is properly prepared and, most importantly, the right materials are used to create the fiberglass shell. It is up to the consumer to demand the specifi... Read More »

Is it possible to replace a fiberglass pool with a traditional in-ground pool?

Answer Absolutely, But if you only have the land to fit a fiberglass pool, Your new gunite pool will be considerably smaller by about 1 foot all the way around.A fiberglass drop in pool is too smal... Read More »