Cheap places in Toronto to PRINT from file?

Answer At the library to print out stuff...Good luck!

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Cheap Flights from Toronto to Barbados?

When temperatures in Toronto get too cold, Canadians fly to Barbados, an island nation with a tropical climate. With a little effort and planning, travelers can find inexpensive flights between the... Read More »

Cheap places to fly to from Brisbane?

Yes we are so lucky here . I have had some great cheap trips to Asia and New Zealand but most are from The Gold Coast airport. 1 hour from brisbane. There is Air Asia to Kuala lumpur we did a retur... Read More »

How can we print a print file created in MS word directly from command prompt with a printer connected to usb.?

You can "share' your own (or any) printer, and map it to LPT1 via NET USE. net use lpt1 \\yourpc\sharename /persistent:yes If you still want to print from MS Word via the command prompt, seems that... Read More »

What are some places that could print transparency paper from?

You can use a deskjet to print your T-shirt transparencies. If you want to go commercial, you will need to learn how to do silk-screens.If you want to print online, here is Read More »