Cheap gothic clothes in Second Life?

Answer you can log into the marketplace and check the Gothic section and set your price range

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Where can I find gothic clothes for cheap?

Well here's some advice from a goth herself.1. Thrift stores are your best friend.. You can almost always find some black clothes for cheap whenever you go to a thrift store.3. some websites where ... Read More »

Why does a lot of gothic clothing look cheap?

That's because most outlets that sell the real deal expect high prices for quality clothes, and because most Goths go for DIY when it comes to clothing.I personally love

How to Have Fashionable Budget Friendly Gothic Clothes?

So, you've decided after much research you are ready to embrace the unique subculture known as "Goth". This article will give you some tips and tricks to creating a much sought-after goth wardrobe ... Read More »

Can anybody recommend websites that sell wholesale CHEAP punk/emo/rockabilly/Gothic clothing and accessories?

I usually buy from this shop:… . Try i!, they have many kinds of product,Including designer handbags, discount shoes, clothing,knock off t-shirts, and so ... Read More »