Cheap High Speed Video Camera?

Answer I'm not an expert in this, but 800x600 looks to be pretty high spec. I'm seeing rental prices of about $750 / week for a low end camera!

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Where can I get a cheap high speed video camera?

Hi Dustin,A high speed video camera for that budget ia almost impossibleto find, even a used one. But there is an affordable alternative.Casio produces a hybrid photo camera with high speed videofu... Read More »

How much does a high speed video camera cost?

High speed video cameras are commonly used to research high speed processes such as crash analysis, weapons testing and sports analysis. The staring price of high speed video camera designated for ... Read More »

What is a high quality, but cheap, video camera for making youtube videos?

Step 1: Set a budget.Any camcorder will do if the lighting is *great* and a steadying device (not handheld) is used."a few hundred dollars" gets you into the range of entry-level consumer camcorder... Read More »

Shall I buy a video camera or photo camera for taking high quality video?

This link should help you decide…