Chatroulette problem...How do they do it?

Answer download a program called "ManyCam" it works great, you can use it too stream videos, show your desktop, and also use pix, it also has a lot of neat things you can do like draw on the cam, or have ... Read More »

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Has anyone taken solitary ayurvedic treatment for any health problemHow was your experience?

Ayurvedic treatment is the best and effective especially for treatment of Jaundice. I had given only ayurvedic medicine to my mother as she was suffering from jaundice. She was cured of the disease... Read More »

How to Use Chatroulette?

Chatroulette is a recent internet phenomenon, rife with peril and amusement. How best to make use of this great meme? Read on, brave internet pioneer!

I was banned on chatroulette?

There's just not enough of these wonderful questions in the Wikipedia section, you know. But help is what we're here for, so this is it. Honest. Legal trouble? It's a distinct possibility, especial... Read More »

How can you record chatroulette ?

Well if you want to spend money on a good quality screen recorder. I would go with Hypercam Fraps and ect. On CamStudio you can edit the quality of when you record. This video should help a bit. ht... Read More »