Charter Colleges?

Answer Charter Colleges are postsecondary career colleges found throughout the United States and the world. The colleges associated with Charter Colleges are located in Anchorage, Alaska; Oxnard and Lanca... Read More »

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How to Write a Charter School Proposal That Wins a Charter?

Even the most compelling idea for a new charter school needs a well-crafted proposal to make it more than a dream. The right proposal will convince education officials who have charter-granting aut... Read More »

How to Charter a Bus?

How to book your perfect bus charter. There are many companies that provide bus charter services, so it pays to shop around.

Which is better - AT&T or Charter?

I have AT&T here. I never lose connection. I have had AT&T nowfor 11 years and it has only been down for about an hour thanks toa construction crew cutting the main cable. AT&T is the only choice I... Read More »

When is Charter Day?

Charter Day occurred on March 4, 1681. The name refers to the day on which King Charles II granted William Penn the charter for Pennsylvania. The commonwealth observes the day on the second Sunday... Read More »