Characteristics of the Hawaiian Monk Seal?

Answer The Hawaiian monk seal belongs to one of two monk species. Like the Mediterranean species, the Hawaiian monk seal is critically endangered. Since 1989, Hawaiian monk seal populations have seen a 10... Read More »

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Where are most Hawaiian monk seals located?

Hawaiian monk seals are one of the most endangered species known, with a population of just more than 1,000 seals living mostly in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The largest populations are at ... Read More »

Do hawaiian monk seals migrate?

Hawaiian monk seals, indigenous to the Hawaiian islands, do not migrate; however, many scientists are led to believe that these animals travel through the ocean for up to several months at a time--... Read More »

Facts on Hawaiian Monk Seals?

The Hawaiian monk seal is one of three critically endangered species of monk seal found worldwide, and as the name suggests, is found only on the Islands of Hawaii. Like other pinnipeds, monk seals... Read More »

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