Characteristics of the Cherokee Indians?

Answer The Cherokee people have lived in the southeast United States for thousands of years. Despite their interactions with foreigners, and a series of devastating forced migrations, the Cherokee have re... Read More »

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What did Cherokee Indians use bison parts for?

Bison was not just a staple food for Cherokee Indians. They used the animal's parts, including bones, hides and hair, to make items such as clothing, saddles, shields, weapons and tools. Cherokees ... Read More »

Plants & Herb Used By the Cherokee Indians?

Historically associated with the southeastern United States, the Cherokee people now reside mainly in Oklahoma and North Carolina following a forced relocation in the mid-19th century. Within their... Read More »

What food& clothing did the Cherokee Indians obtain?

The Cherokee Indians boasted a huge home range that included South Carolina and parts of North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and Alabama. Their name is thought to be derived form the Chokt... Read More »

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