Characteristics of a Zebra?

Answer Most people can recognize a zebra at a glance; the distinctive black stripes on a horse-like frame are often synonymous with imagined visions of an African safari. Details about the zebra, includin... Read More »

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How to Care for Zebra Danios/Zebra Fish?

Danios are interesting fish and very easy to care for even for the novice aquarist. This article will show you how to care for these hardy, yet beautiful fish.

Can you own a zebra in the u.s.?

It is legal to have a zebra as a pet. However, they are extremely difficult to take care of. You will also need to obtain an exotics license. This license will allow you to have exotic animals as p... Read More »

How big is a zebra?

Three species of zebras exist in Africa: the Grevy's zebra, the mountain zebra and the plains zebra. The height of a zebra is typically between 4.2 and 4.9 feet at the shoulder, according to the Sa... Read More »

Zebra Diet?

Zebras are members of the horse family, and they can dwell in areas ranging from woodlands to mountains to open plains. They can live up to 40 years in captivity, and they are native to Africa. Lea... Read More »