Characteristics of a Poor Supervisor?

Answer Chances are that most employees encounter supervisors who have poor characteristics at one point in their career. An unfit supervisor makes the workplace environment either unpleasant or difficult ... Read More »

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Characteristics of a Supervisor?

A good supervisor can make a significant difference in how effectively a team of workers gets its work done. If you are someone who has an interest in moving into a supervisory role, you need to be... Read More »

How does poor living lifestyle and poor diet cause cancer?

They don't.There are no foods proven to cause or contribute to cancer, or to affect its progress = the only certain diet-related cancer risk is a diet high in red and processed meat, which is a maj... Read More »

Who said the Philippines is a poor country with poor people?

I like these questions. It allows me to speak against the lazy people. We do have a lot of poverty. A lot of it is lack of jobs. Much of it is lazy people. The 25% that is talked about being at po... Read More »

I remember a one-off Christmas claymation cartoon years ago in which a poor boy shares his last bit of food with a poor woman at Christmas There's no dialogue just a song What is it called?