Characteristics of a Modernist Film?

Answer Since film itself came to maturity during the modernist period (between World War I and World War II), all film has a "modernist" element in terms of time period. As a movement, modernism largely r... Read More »

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Five Modernist Themes?

Modernism as a mode of thinking manifests itself as a style that turns away from tradition and old philosophies while pushing forward past the present and into a theoretical future. Modernism is fa... Read More »

How do i remove film manually from a pentax slr 35 mm, without ruining the film which did not rewind?

There is always a override rewind button on automatic cameras. Check again, because you have apparently missed it. It is often a recessed button that is placed where you cannot accidentally press... Read More »

I have downloaded a film of bittorent but i can only hear the film not see it?

Please, don't use windows media player, use VLC media which you don't need any codecs to watch movies've been using it for over 3 years now and I've never had any problem

What film does it look like Guess the film?

I'm going to try it without cheating1. Silence of the Lambs2. Little Miss Sunshine3. 4. Children of Men5. Memento6.7. The AviatorCouldn't get a couple. I love these, though.BQ: Opening sequence, m... Read More »