Characteristics of a Good PowerPoint?

Answer Before PowerPoint, lectures and presentations used nothing more than chalk boards, overhead projectors or large pieces of paper to illustrate points. Today, these same lectures and presentations ca... Read More »

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What are some good and bad characteristics honey has?

Honey has almost no active water (water that is available for microbial use to conduct metabolic processes) and can last essentially forever without going bad. The oldest food ever found was a buri... Read More »

Characteristics of a good first aider?

The ability to gain control and apply rational thinking to a situationThe ability to slightly disconnect from the situation.Creativity and quick application of memory and logic.The abilty to suspen... Read More »

What Are the Characteristics of a Good IQ Test?

Psychologists and scientists have attempted to measure human intelligence for centuries. A breakthrough in this quest occurred in the early 20th century, when Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon develo... Read More »

Characteristics of a Good HOA Board Member?

As with any organization, a homeowners association or HOA benefits from having good leaders who can effectively do their job. A homeowner association acts as a government body, providing services t... Read More »