Characteristics of a Good PowerPoint?

Answer Before PowerPoint, lectures and presentations used nothing more than chalk boards, overhead projectors or large pieces of paper to illustrate points. Today, these same lectures and presentations ca... Read More »

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Characteristics of Good Bylaws for a Non-Profit?

Bylaws are a legal must-have for any non-profit. A well-written set of bylaws will define the infrastructure of an organization by addressing each human element, including members, board and staff.... Read More »

Characteristics of a Good Kindergarten Classroom?

Kindergarten is a transitional year between preschool and elementary school and must contain elements of both. When visiting a school during open house, kindergarten registration or during a privat... Read More »

What Are the Characteristics of a Good IQ Test?

Psychologists and scientists have attempted to measure human intelligence for centuries. A breakthrough in this quest occurred in the early 20th century, when Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon develo... Read More »

Characteristics of a Good Classroom Manager?

The characteristics of a good classroom manager are common to virtually every good teacher and essential to student achievement. The teacher is responsible for orchestrating a classroom that runs l... Read More »