Characteristics of Plant Cells?

Answer Like all living things, plants are made of cells, the smallest and simplest unit of life. While plant cells share some characteristics with the cells found in the human body, such as a plasma layer... Read More »

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Is cell membrane found in animal cells or plant cells?

The cell membrane, the outside casing or membrane of a cell, is found in both plant and animal cells. In fact, the cell membrane is a universal feature found in the cells of all living organisms. T... Read More »

How big are plant cells?

A normal plant cell is anywhere from 10 to 100 micrometers. Such a large range is due to the existence of three additional structures found only in plant cells. They have a chloroplast to carry out... Read More »

Are plant cells prokaryotic?

Plant cells are eukaryotic, not prokaryotic. Eukaryotic cells are characterized by linear chromosomes stored within a membrane-bound nucleus. Prokaryotic cells possess a circular chromosome and lac... Read More »

How to Collect Plant Cells?

Students often learn scientific principles faster when they're allowed to experience them through experiments. Visual aids such as cell samples and hands-on activities help students retain informat... Read More »